As part of my role as a Flash Developer / UI Designer at PKR, I was heavily involved in upgrading the user interface. I developed a modular, component-based framework that enabled the flash team to build dynamic, consistent  projects. I also focused a great deal on circumventing some of the limitations of AS2 (currently a requirement of working with ScaleForm). I injected many object-orientated AS3 techniques in order to keep the code up-to-date, concise, and also to ease the eventual transition when Scaleform supports AS3.

More Info

Video:  PKR's head of development Leon Walters talks about PKR 2.0
PDF:    STACKED Article on the new features of PKR 2.0 
PKR uses to Scaleform to integrate vector-based Flash UI elements with the C# game client. Scaleform is used (at present) to produce user interfaces for over 700 video game titles.
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